Why Choose Us

  • We are the biggest wedding props rental in Singapore and offer more than 70 different range of gigantic props rental for your wedding reception, stage, ballroom, solemnisation or even proposal.
  • With our own carpentry house, we are able to design, custom fabricate, maintain and repair our own props. We ensure and promise tip top service with our ever ready team and provide any backup props should there be any issues at anytime.
  • By having a one stop solution also means helping our clients to save even more as we provide the full wedding entertainment you need for your wedding reception.
  • We take our clients very seriously by performing all setups punctually, providing quality and well maintain props every time. We also treat every setups equally by injecting 100% attention for our wedding couple’s big day without fail.

What Client’s Say

Thanks so much for providing the props for my mv & actual day wedding. They are really creative & alot of my guests keep taking photos of them..It definitely spices up my wedding decoration.
迪嘉ANGELS, 883 Jia FM
A brillant idea with a perfect line of props! Thanks so much for setting up our reception with all the giant props. Our guests love it alot and really create a deep impression.
Louis Goh
Variety of props to choose from and no issues with choosing the right props for our white theme. Hassle free and really solve us alot of problems as IM-Perfection provides a one stop solution for us.
Jennifer Yam

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IM Props

Choosing from our extensive range of signature gigantic props to decorate your Solemnization venue, Wedding reception, Stage, Ballroom etc… Have your venue decorated in style with our unique & creative props mostly for decorations and photo taking purpose. Take up our package deal to enjoy even more worthwhile rates!

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IM Paparazzi

Engage our fun and interactive Photo Booth services as we provide unlimited instant print services with our ultra fast printer. Equipped with the different fun assorted props for photo taking, you can never go without one for your wedding day!

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IM Drive

When is a better chance to drive a luxurious car other than your own wedding day itself! Our BMW 3 series convertible is ready for hire or get chauffeur around with our AUDI A6 on your big day! Choose between the convertible white BMW or luxurious AUDI that we help you save all the hassle by doing up the floral decorations and sending & collecting the car at your convenience.

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IM Style

Let the impression of your guest stop not just at the reception area with the props, bring the stylish set-up right to the registration table. Start the night right as our IM-Perfection specialist comes in to customize your registration and wedding album table. At an affordable price, it will include a signature angbao box of your choice and the popular illuminated LOVE. Without any hassle, you can create the height and the wow at your registration and wedding album table with our service. Package includes decoration of reception & wedding album table.

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IM Planner

Have a event/celebration coming up and you have no single clue where to start. Our in-house planner is glad to speak to you to bring your event/ birthday/ wedding celebration up by a notch that is guarantee to wow your guest. Just be ready for the day and leave the hard job or coordination and planning to us.

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IM Production

Looking up and down for someone to build you the props that you have in mind for your event or celebration? Look no further that IM-Perfection is the right one to approach, we have assisted many partners to build up up stage production, event props and we look forward to help you too.

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IM Director

It’s now an IN thing to have a cool pre-wedding video for your wedding. We at IM-Director aims to create a customise storyboarding just for the wedding couple, film and produce at the same time not burning the couple’s pocket. With our interesting and creative mindset, your pre-wedding video sure to spice up your wedding night even further!

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IM Partner

Are you a wedding planner or a vendor operating a restaurant, club house and hotel who’s looking for the extra hand to dress up the venue for a celebration occasion? We welcome partners and vendors to approach for collaboration.

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